Establishing a strong relationship with an alarm dealer program is crucial to your success in home security sales. Whether you’re just starting out, or you’re in the market for a new program, we have several key things for you to look out for when deciding which company to team up with.

An alarm dealer program should be a resource for you. You master the sales side, and your alarm dealer program handles the back-end processes and supports you. If you want to be a big player in this industry, you want to be part of a dealer program that provides the things you need to succeed, rather than one that just waits for you to produce. It’s a team effort, and your dealer program’s level of involvement will impact your business’ growth and success. So, you want a program where the big picture goals match the goals of your business.

Perspective Changes Perception

When we say perspective changes perception, we mean that you see things differently when you’re just starting out, than you do years into it. When you first enter the business, your perspective is a lot different than it is once you are protecting 10 to 20 homes each week. You may not necessarily know what you should be looking for when you first start out. Your biggest concern might just be what products you’re selling and how to sell them. However, as you start to grow as a security dealer, you begin to be concerned with things like funding and scheduling availability.

As a home security dealer, you’re more than just a salesperson, but a business owner. So, your day-to-day is more like you are running a business. Consistent and correct funding becomes crucial to your success. Lack of funding means less cash flow, which means less progress and growth. Likewise, poor scheduling availability or technician coverage leads to fewer opportunities. Now, you may be stuck with an alarm dealer program where you aren’t learning anything new, and you aren’t getting the support you need to succeed and grow.

What if you could find a dealer program that offered everything you needed to learn and grow, if you just followed in the footsteps of those who have done it before? What if that program outlined your path to success so detailed where your goals and dedication were the only thing stopping you from bringing your business to the next level?

Here’s what that program would provide…

4 Things You Need from an Alarm Dealer Program

If you truly want to be successful in home security sales, there are a number of things that you just need out of an alarm dealer program. Some are obvious, others you may have never thought about. We’ll explain some of the things you need to sell, grow, and lead, so you can become a real player in home security sales:

1. Accurate, Consistent Funding

Getting paid on time sounds obvious, but it’s often one of the most overlooked qualities of an alarm dealer program. This is because getting paid for the work you put in seems like something that just happens, but it doesn’t always happen the way that it should. Some say dealer funding errors are just the “nature of the beast” in home security sales, but if you’re disputing your funding week over week, then it may be time to start looking for a new dealer funding source.

Accurate, consistent funding means you’ll know the right amount of money will be in your account when it’s supposed to be. Consistent funding = more cash flow, which will give you breathing room when making business decisions.

Transparent Funding Terms

When it comes to your dealer funding terms, it’s important that your alarm dealer program be transparent right out of the gate. You never want to start a relationship without trust. Make sure to go over your term sheets with your account rep in detail so you have a strong understanding of how you will be paid, before you even sell any accounts.

Clear Preliminary Reports and Real-Time Updates

Your funding is your cash flow, which is what keeps your business running. Having to wait for funding is one of the most frustrating things with any alarm dealer program—especially if there are errors when it finally comes through. Look for a dealer funding program that provides seven day funding, meaning that you get paid every Friday for the prior week’s production, and also keeps you updated with clear preliminary reports.

You need to be aware of the funding status of your accounts so that you can make smart business decisions. Clear preliminary reports and real-time updates will give you insight into what you will be paid on Friday while giving you time to dispute any issues. With that insight, you’ll never wake up Friday morning wondering why you got paid three hundred, rather than three thousand.

2. Sales Training and Business Development

If you want to succeed as a home security dealer, you need to have a well thought out plan. Home security and automation is such a fast growing and expanding industry, and you need to be agile and hungry if you want to continue to grow. Look for growth opportunities. Does your alarm dealer program have a growth plan for you? Are they looking for trends that could help you create more quality accounts? Will there ever be an opportunity to start earning residual income? All of these are important things to consider, and they all mean the same thing—potential for growth.

Business Development

You know how to sell. That’s what brought you into this business in the first place. But, if you aren’t growing, what are you doing? A good alarm dealer program creates the foundation for you to grow a scalable business so that you can put your head down and sell while they lead you to success. Ask your alarm dealer program about what type of training and business development resources they can offer you.

S.M.A.R.T. Goal Setting

The home security industry is complex. Setting goals can be difficult because a lot of us live on a week-by-week basis. You come in on Monday and follow up on your callbacks, always trying to book jobs for this week. Then, next week you do the same thing. But, weekly goals are reactive and will only get you so far. A strong alarm dealer program knows what it takes for you to be successful—because they’ve been there—and how you should be setting goals for long-term success.

Trend Recognition and Goal Fulfillment

Goals aren’t enough, you need to be able to take action and recognize trends that are impeding your success. This is something you need from an alarm dealer program. Your dealer program is essentially your coach, and you are the athlete. Maybe your approval to installation percentage is a little low because you are skipping some important information when buttoning-up the customer. Your alarm dealer program should be able to recognize this for you, and put you on a track for success.

 3. Technician Coverage and Availability from Your Alarm Dealer Program

If you’re already selling home security, you know how important technician coverage is. When someone needs a security system, they need it now. The longer you wait, the more vulnerable that prospect is, and the more likely they are to want to look elsewhere for another company. That’s why it’s crucial that you partner with a company that offers the largest area of technician coverage, with opportunities for you to schedule same day or next day.

Having resources in a company with a vast coverage area means that you can expand your lead generation to different sources. This resource gives you more success with online pay-per-click campaigns that could drive leads to your sales team. Without a large coverage area, you may be limited to only knocking doors or making calls in specific markets. Ask questions about coverage area when you speak to an alarm dealer program account rep, and make sure the program offers some of these resources:

Nationwide Tech Coverage

Customer referrals are a big part of any sales company, especially when it’s something as personal as home security. When someone is happy with the system and service, they recommend it to a friend or family member. So, when you have a customer who’s cousin in Kentucky really wants a system, but your alarm dealer program doesn’t offer coverage in Kentucky, it can be frustrating for both you and the customer!

Likewise, nationwide tech coverage means the company can move with the customer if they move. This is so important to a customer, especially if they need to sign an agreement! You can also use nationwide coverage to pitch the size and credibility of the company. If they have licensing and coverage in 40 or more states, it means they have the back-end processes to support nationwide customers.

Same Day/Next Day Availability

If you’re selling door to door, there is no resource better than same day availability. You’ve done a walkthrough in the customer’s home, built value in the incredible system, and your customer is ready to have it installed. If your alarm dealer program offered same day availability, you could schedule the installation on the spot, and have a technician out there in no time!

Now look at it from the other side: Have you ever had a prospect who loved your personality, your sales presentation, and wanted to do business with you until you showed them your technician couldn’t get out there for ten days? Then all of the sudden they had a doctor’s appointment that day, and avoided your phone call because they secretly went with another company who could get there sooner.

People need home security. If they didn’t, none of us would have jobs! So, it’s important for both you and your customer that you do what you can to get a technician out as soon as possible. Consider the areas that you sell the most. Does the alarm dealer program provide coverage that gives you the opportunity to book within 72 hours?

Certified and Background Checked Technicians

We’ve all heard it before. A customer says, “I don’t want to have a stranger in my house to install a SECURITY system.” So, they go the D.I.Y. route and get an incomparable system that could put their home at risk! An easy response to this is to be able to provide your customers with the peace of mind knowing there will never be a stranger installing their system. One of the biggest fears people have when it comes to a home security installation is fear of the person installing the system coming back and breaking in! Eliminate this fear altogether with an alarm dealer program that provides the right level of peace of mind, puts the customer’s concerns first, and invests in qualified technicians rather than subcontractors.

4. Strong Communication Technology and Real-Time Data

Picture this: You’re in the house with a prospect, building a customized package and getting them excited about having the system installed. It’s going to make their home smarter and provide them with the sense of security they need. So, you go to schedule the appointment, but you have no clue if any technicians are available in the area.
Now, you have to call in and go back and forth with your alarm dealer support team to come up with a time and date for your customer’s appointment. Meanwhile, the lack of communication on both ends is causing the prospect to lose faith in your company and results in them needing some more time to think about this decision. Sound familiar? Your alarm dealer program should have the technology and processes of a big company, and be able to handle these issues quickly!

Scheduling Visibility

In sales, things can change in the blink of an eye. That’s why as salespeople, we always keep our agreement and a pen within arms reach. In home security sales, visibility into technician’s schedules gives you the opportunity to seamlessly transition into the close—by scheduling the installation! If you cannot see your technicians schedule before you call into the office, you are losing money!

A Proven Sales Process

One of the reasons you are in home security sales is because you are great at selling, but you might not necessarily have a team that’s big enough to handle things on the back-end like credits, scheduling, and customer service. You need to be able to trust that your alarm dealer program has a strong sales process so that you can focus on selling and growing.
Expect the white glove treatment. The best alarm dealer programs handle everything, while you just focus on putting sales on the board. Don’t worry about things like credits, scheduling, or customer service until you have a team big enough that you can dedicate staff to these facets of the business. Trust that your dealer program will be able to get the job done!


Your success in home security sales is largely dependent on your alarm dealer program. Whether you’re just starting out, or you’re a seasoned vet, keep your business goals in mind when choosing the right program. If the dealer program doesn’t offer the tools and resources you need to continue growing as a home security dealer, then you will be behind everyone else who is getting individual attention.

When’s the last time you complained or had to dispute your funding? Or the last time you had a customer you couldn’t protect due to a lack of technician availability? These are things that are frustrating, but avoidable! All you need is the right company backing you. Is your current alarm dealer program providing you with these four crucial things: accurate, consistent funding; technician coverage and availability; communication technology; sales training and business development?

If you want to start crushing the security game, you need to have these resources backing you so that you can start planning for the future. Give us a call to see what type of resources the Alliance Security Dealer Program can provide to help you achieve more in home security sales.

Home security sales has evolved. You’re no longer just closing deals, you’re running a business. We’ve transformed our dealer program to drive your success as an entrepreneur. See how the strength of the Alliance Security Dealer Program can help you reach your goals. 


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