Every D2D alarm dealer out there wants to know how to improve door to door sales. Most of the time, their first thought is to grow their sales team. More boots on the ground must equal more sales, right? Not always. There’s a cost involved with recruiting, hiring, and training salespeople — even if you’re a door to door sales pro. Plus, you have to account for employee turnover. Then there’s more training to follow. So that must mean you have to sell more deals? Not necessarily. You can only talk to so many prospects in a given day. When asked how to improve sales, the answer is to improve your service.

When your model is based around recurring revenue or multiples, the only way to improve sales numbers is to either sell more accounts or sell them at higher rates. With that in mind, you can’t just go out and increase your prices for the same caliber service. That’s not fair to your customer, and will without a doubt lead to a hasty decline in sales. Customers will pay more for higher quality service. We see that time and time again with high-end retail and software brands — you get what you pay for. To increase your rates, you need to provide your customers with another service that complements their security and automation equipment — an extended warranty.

The Cost of Servicing Customers

In any service business, especially home security, there is a cost associated with servicing current customers. Things like rolling trucks for service calls, replacing out-of-date technology, training customers on new equipment, and so-on, all come at a cost. Great customer service is always worth it. It’s always more expensive to create a new customer than it is to nurture an existing one. That’s why the old sales mentality of “on to the next” is fading fast.

So, what does it cost to service a customer? In the past, most alarm dealers would protect a home. That home would then only need to be serviced about one time over the course of the agreement. With all of the new connected home and IoT products available today, more people are adding automation equipment than ever before. More products means more service visits. Now, customers need to be serviced about once a year. So, whether or are selling your accounts to a dealer program or keeping them in house, customer service still needs to be your bread and butter.

As a dealer, your alarm dealer program likely holds you responsible for your accounts during a guarantee period. How likely is it that you will have to revisit this customer’s home during the guarantee period? Will you be responsible for repairs or maintenance, or will you be forced to get payment from your customers in order to keep the integrity of the account in good standing?

Why Do People Buy Extended Warranties?

Generally, the higher the price and complexity of an item, the more likely people are going to go for the warranty. We see this with products like laptops, refrigerators, and washing machines. These are all devices that most people can’t fix on their own, and they know the costly fees that come with hiring someone. Home security works the same way. Since there is a professional installation involved, when something malfunctions, there is a cost to repair it. They can either take a risk on the equipment, or they can eliminate the risk altogether with a warranty.

When to Bring Up a Warranty in Door to Door Sales

Just like anything in sales, timing is crucial to your success. When you bring up a warranty is just as important as when you tell your prospects price and terms. If you’re trying to improve door to door sales, but you don’t build value in the service, your efforts will be less successful. There’s a reason that retailers offer the TV warranty when you’re at the register and not when you’re browsing the aisles.

It’s the same reason that salespeople build value before giving away the price. You need to establish value and ownership of the product before offering an additional purchase like a warranty. The best time to offer your customers a warranty is after you’ve completed the installation and are training the customer.

At this point, your customers are excited about their purchase. They see the value in protecting their home, and they also see the complexity of everything that is installed. This is the time where they will be the most risk-averse. They won’t be willing to take a risk on something going wrong with their new system, and will opt for the warranty and better service.

ConnectedCare Membership Card - Support to keep your home safe and connected

Back It Up with Incredible Service

The goal may be to improve door to door sales, but you have to put your money where your mouth is. When you offer your customers great service, you need to back it up with incredible service. Integrity is the most important part in home security sales. Remember, customers that are willing to pay more for better service will quickly stop paying if the service isn’t up to par. Make providing a five star customer experience a pillar of your business before asking for more from your customers.

Alliance offers a premier support plan for customers called ConnectedCare. It’s more than just a warranty — it’s backed up by incredible service. ConnectedCare members receive priority phone and chat support, a free yearly on-site checkup, and of course full coverage of parts, labor, and trip fees!

That’s good news for Authorized Alliance Dealers. All Alliance Dealers are able to offer this powerful service to their customers, giving dealers an entirely new line-item to add to their customers’ packages. Most importantly, it allows dealers to back up their sale with incredible service — without changing a thing.

If you’re looking for a way to offer ConnectedCare to your customers, join the Alliance Security Dealer Program and start giving your customers a whole new level of service.