The warm weather has finally hit the East Coast, which makes it official—it’s door knocking season. When it comes to selling home security, we know there are few better ways to do it than going door to door. So, we’ve put together an insane summer incentive to fuel your production as an alarm dealer over the next three months. If you’ve been having trouble getting motivated to hit the streets, this will surely get you out of bed in the morning. And, if selling door to door isn’t your thing, no worries, this applies to all of our dealers.

Earn Yourself a Trip to Puerto Rico—And More

As far as the summer incentive goes, we’re not giving anything away, you have to earn it, and earning feels good. Do what you do best and hustle for the next three months, and you could earn yourself a trip for two to Puerto Rico—on top of a ton of other loot.

Here’s How it Works:

Over the next three months, we’re giving you a special opportunity to earn gear, swag, and ultimately a trip for two to Puerto Rico. The summer incentive goes from June 1st to August 31st. All you have to do to start earning is beat your May production this June, July, and/or August.

Be sure to submit at least two accounts per week to stay active. At the end of each month, you’ll receive a point for every additional home you protect compared to May’s production. So, if you protected 10 homes in May and 15 homes in June, you’ll earn 5 points to spend on some awesome gear.

Now, let’s talk about the trip to Puerto Rico. The key is growth. If you maintain a 20% increase from your May production while submitting a minimum of 20 accounts per month for all three months, you’ll earn yourself a trip for two to Puerto Rico. Everyone who does this will be there—don’t be the odd man out.

It comes down to protecting one more home a week. Hustle now. You can relax later in Puerto Rico.

Here’s some of the loot you can earn this summer:

Alliance Dealer Program prizes for the summer door to door sales incentive

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Let’s Recap:

Let’s quickly recap the summer incentive so that you can get out and start producing.

  • June 1 to August 31
  • Simply beat your May production
  • Every additional install each month earns you 1 point
  • Spend points on gear for your daily grind: NikeIDs, Apple Watches, and more
  • Maintain a 20% increase in production while submitting at least 20 accounts per month for all three months—win a trip for two to Puerto Rico

Next Steps:

The only thing left to do is contact your account manager at Alliance to get your May production total so that you know exactly what it’ll take to earn you that trip to Puerto Rico. If you are a new or inactive dealer, call us today and we can get you set up and running within the next 24 hours.

Share this article with someone that you want to join you in Puerto Rico. Everyone who hits the numbers goes.

Lastly, check out our article on door to door sales tips and then go hit the streets.